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Sweet Summer Memories!

It’s finally summertime! Many of our childhood memories are tied to a warm breeze, hot sun, and plenty of outdoor fun. The best way to make new memories is to plan something you haven’t done before. Make a bucket list of things to do this summer so you have activities to look forward to throughout the next few months. Take a day trip to somewhere scenic, plan a picnic at a park, go for a hike, play pickle ball, or have a water balloon fight. Going to a local farmer’s market is always fun, from getting fresh local berries to trying out a new food truck. Outdoor concerts in a park are a free summer activity that is both entertaining and brings a feeling of community. Find a new recipe to try out on the barbecue, make fruit or yogurt popsicles, or try this refreshing strawberry watermelon slushy. However you decide to spend your summer, make sure to find time for fun, relaxation, and time with loved ones.

Certified Nursing Assistants Week

Certified Nursing Assistants Week is celebrated from June 13 – 19 this year. Crestwood thanks our CNAs for all they do for our persons served! We appreciate your kindness, compassion, and dedication to your profession. You have a passion for recovery that does not go unnoticed. You come to work ready to help the people we serve take steps toward wellness every day. Thank you for everything you do as vital members of our Crestwood family!

Celebrating Friendship & Connection

National Best Friends Day is June 8! When was the last time you connected with your best friend? Why not try one of the ideas below to celebrate your friendship and let them know how much they mean to you?


  • Give them a handwritten card sharing how much you appreciate and care for them!
  • Surprise them with a gift – just because!
  • Go to a pottery painting place or attend a paint night and get creative!
  • Watch a sporting event together or play your favorite sport with some other friends!
  • Take a class together – try yoga, a crafting class, or cooking class!

However you celebrate your best friend, have fun and share some of your favorite memories of knowing them over the course of your friendship.

Mindfulness Meditation: Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are a powerful wellness tool. They can empower you and relieve negative and self-sabotaging thoughts. Think of it as self-talk to encourage you to recognize your positive strengths and give you encouragement and motivation. Through repetitive affirmations, you can rewire your thought patterns, boost your self-esteem and have a more optimistic outlook on life. Here are a few examples:

  • “I am a capable and inspirational leader.”
  • “I lead with empathy, understanding, and emotional intelligence.”
  • “I approach every interaction with kindness and respect.”
  • “My wellbeing is my top priority.”

According to research, self-affirmations activate the reward centers in the brain, which help people reduce pain and maintain balance in times of stress. Find an affirmation that speaks to you, or you can listen to videos that promote happiness and wellness. Here is one to try: Daily Affirmation Meditation for Work

Notable Days in June

June 13 – 19: Certified Nursing Assistants Week
June 16: Father’s Day
June 19: Juneteenth
June 20: Start of Summer

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