Nutrition/Healthy Eating

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Our goal is to provide the healthiest and most satisfying food to the people we serve. During the last decade, we have seen the evidence that refined sugars, flours, and fats are directly responsible for metabolic diseases such as diabetes. By reducing or eliminating these ingredients from our diet, we improve the quality of life and health of our clients.

Heart Healthy Diet

Crestwood has created our own menu system based on client choice and preference. It is a Heart Healthy diet. The menus and the recipes are also provided to staff because we believe that a healthy staff supports a healthy environment, practice and people. As the providers of the health and wellness of our clients, Crestwood has the opportunity and challenge to use this information by focusing our food-purchasing and dietary program on healthy behaviors. Crestwood was also recognized in our 2018 CARF survey for our Wellness Program and heart healthy diets in our facilities.