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Crestwood has recently added Zumba to our Mind, Body, and Spirit Initiative. Zumba was started in the 1990s blending aerobic exercise with infectious Latin dance music. It is now a worldwide phenomenon being done in 180 countries, with more than 15 million students taking classes. Zumba is an activity that sparks something deep inside a person’s spirit. That spark helps to energize our clients and staff members, helps to change their moods and their outlook on life. Not only does Zumba bring about physical changes in our clients and staff, it brings about mental and spiritual changes as well. Zumba can be a spark that starts with a simple routine of fun exercise, which then progresses into wanting to eat better, feel better, present one’s self better, and be more active in the world.

The Zumba program at Crestwood consists of having one or two staff members at each facility to be trained as Zumba instructors. These staff members then teach 3 to 5 classes a week for clients and staff at their facilities. There are also Zumba DVDs available to do additional Zumba classes or while trained staff is away.