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Crestwood Embraces the Eight Dimensions of Wellness!

Crestwood is committed to wellness for our staff, the people that we serve, our family members and our communities. Wellness is the ground that Crestwood is built on, from our earliest days in 1968, through the 1990’s with the growth of recovery services and today with our added focus on trauma-informed care and resilience.

Wellness brings everything we do and believe at Crestwood together and incorporates an awareness for balance and contentment. It is built on the foundation of our Recovery Pillars of Meaningful Roles, Spirituality, Empowerment, and Hope. It is grounded in our Crestwood Values of Family (whether it is the one of your origin or ones we create, this is where we start our wellness); Commitment (wellness that carries us through setbacks and dark days); Character (to have the integrity and trust that our actions will reflect who we are and what we do); Enthusiasm (to bring a smile to our wellness journey); Flexibility (to shift when needed to stay in balance, healthy and happy); and Compassion (to treat ourselves and others with kindness and understanding every day).

Our Crestwood Values and Recovery Pillars bring us right in alignment with the Eight Dimensions of Wellness that was created by Dr. Margaret (Peggy) Swarbrick and Jay Yudof, who found that habits are the key to sustaining wellness and balance. The Eight Dimensions of Wellness are the inter-connected parts of each of us that includes: Emotional, Spiritual, Intellectual, Physical, Environmental, Financial, Occupational and Social. To have wellness requires that we balance all of these dimensions and support ourselves in living the life we desire to live. Our habits affect what we do, how we feel, how we work, how we spend or save money, and how we fuel our minds and bodies. Focusing on healthy choices with practice, can lead to healthy habits, which then leads to wellness. Our wellness supports reaching our personal goals and leads to a fuller life and a sense of empowerment.

Your wellness and balance are defined by you. Please take a moment to explore the resources based on the Eight Dimensions of Wellness that are available on our Crestwood Employee Center. These wellness resources are contributed by members of our Crestwood family and will be updated regularly. We hope this Employee Center will be helpful to you as you think about your own wellness – what you already do, your daily routine, life roles and activities – and what more you can do to help support your wellness every day.